BoneDry Roofing UGA Project


Athens based Bone Dry Roofing Company has been selected to roof the new Special Collections Library at the University of Georgia. Groundbreaking for the project took place on January 28, 2010 and is scheduled to take approximately 18 months to complete. The library was designed by the Atlanta based architectural firm, Collins Copper Carusi and is projected to cost close to $46 million with nearly a third coming from private sources. The 115,000sq.ft building will be constructed around a 30,000sq.ft storage archive. The Special Collections Library will provide state-of-the-art housing and a climate controlled atmosphere for valuable collections, documents and books. The building will also be the home for a 170 seat auditorium, lecture halls, plenty of reading room and many reference areas. The project includes plans for the future with adequate storage for 40 years of growth. Researchers, scholars and historians from around the globe will be provided a great insight into the origins of this state, region and nation

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