Eight Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal for Summer


Beautifying your home’s curb appeal provides seemingly instant gratification; when you pull into your driveway, your handiwork is on display to greet  you. Picture cheerful flowers in  a rainbow of colors from rich reds to crisp whites, elegant foliage in deep greens, pristine pathways that invite visitors and a sparkling clean exterior. Taking pride in your investment and adding personality to your home is worth the time, care and teamwork required. In today’s post, we’re sharing eight ways to boost your home’s curb appeal for summer (be sure to check with your homeowner’s association before making changes).


1.Bring In a Water Element

Many of the world’s most famous gardens feature water elements. The sound and movement add a sense of tranquility and provide a connection to nature. Here in the Southeast, peaceful fountains and stunning sculptures set Brookgreen Gardens apart. A few unique ways to add a water element to your home as recommended by The Plan Collection include  flowing fountains, a reflecting pool and a soothing water wall.

2. Have Your Roof Cleaned and Inspected

Routine maintenance is likely required to keep your roofing warranty valid. A new season is a great time to take care of minor issues that may become more costly when ignored. A proper cleaning to remove pollen, debris, stains and discoloration is in order (look for signs your roof coating needs attention). Your goal is a home that sparkles from top to bottom, and that starts with the roof.

3. Add Drama Without Outdoor Lighting

We often think about a home’s curb appeal by day, but a lovely exterior still makes a mark once the sun has gone down with the help of strategic lighting. This Old House covers an array of outdoor lights from well lights to garden lights, bullet lights and more. Design a system that showcases your favorite areas.

4. Don’t Forget The Gutters

Clogged gutters are not only unsightly, they can be potentially costly because of the standing water threat they pose. Clogged gutters may cause rust and damage to your roofing materials, not to mention inviting insects and parasites. We recommend cleaning your gutters  at least twice a year.

5. Aim For a Clean Exterior

The methods for keeping your home’s exterior clean and free from moss, mold and mildew vary from siding to brick, HardiePlank to stucco. Review your warranty guidelines and hire qualified professionals when needed. A dirty or dingy exterior is unsightly and detracts from all the hard work you’ve put into your landscaping.

6. Care For Your Landscaping

The pruning schedule for your shrubs and trees is probably in late winter or early spring. Once warmer summer temps are here, annual flowers bursting with color offer a reward on a budget (look for plants recommended for your region). Water is key to keep plants happy, whether it’s delivered through a sprinkler system, drip irrigation or via your morning routine. Keep your grass neat and healthy by mowing regularly and checking the soil pH balance. Container gardens add interest and beauty and are perfect for herbs and plants that cascade over the sides.

7. Upgrade Your Roof

If your roof has seen better days or you’re ready for a big change, you have more options than ever before. The team at Bone Dry has been serving the Southeast since 2003; browse our many roofing options and consider our tile, slate and specialty offerings. Tile roofs are elegant, energy-efficient and last as long as 75 years.

8. Beautify Your Pathways

Think beyond basic concrete to add allure to pathways. Flagstone, travertine, cobblestone or brick pavers may suit your taste. Keep maintenance and safety in mind (anti-slip coatings are one route). Ground cover plants between pavers bring in texture and whimsy.


Make sure you partner with the best roofing company in your area. Bone Dry Roofing, locally owned and operated in Charleston, SC, Bone Dry Roofing, locally owned and operated in St.

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