Spotlight on Carlisle SynTec PVC Membrane Roofing


Our spotlight on commercial membrane roofing options from Carlisle SynTec continues. In today’s post, we’re covering their PVC membrane roofing (previous posts included their EPDM and TPO membrane roofing ). There are many reasons membrane roofing is a popular choice for commercial products; we love its superior waterproofing protection, durability and design flexibility. Professional Roofing magazine reports, “PVC membranes’ high reflectivity (typically in excess of 80 percent), durability and ability to be recycled at the end of their service lives set a new benchmark for sustainability in the commercial roofing field.” Other standout features highlighted by Carlisle SynTec include PVC’s “resistance to chemicals, grease, fire, and punctures.”

PVC Basics and Benefits
Carlisle SynTec describes PVC (polyvinyl chloride) as “a popular and trusted membrane with decades of waterproofing protection and superior resistance in Europe and North America.” A reliable track record is important to the Bone Dry team and our customers. Their PVC has proven this since the 1960s while making constant improvements. What other benefits does PVC offer?


Here are a few highlights from the Carlisle SynTec website and other sources:


  • com states: “Probably more than any other membrane system, PVC trim from the manufacturing process can be 100 percent recycled, and post-consumer membranes are already being returned and recycled back into new membranes.” Additionally, Professional Roofing magazine reports: “In the single-ply category, PVC roof membranes stand out as a noteworthy success story.”
  • Ability to withstand damage from “chemicals, grease, fire and animal fat.”
  • Bringing down a building’s cooling load due to PVC’s low thermal conductivity.
  • Ease of installation thanks to its weldability and plethora of prefabricated flashing accessories.
  • com also mentions “PVC membranes are weldable throughout their lifetime, remaining thermoplastic.” This is a tremendous benefit when roof modifications are needed or desired.


Installation and Options
Thanks to the full-service commercial roofing department at Bone Dry Roofing Company, we are able to take on an impressive range of roofing projects (any size and complexity). After the initial contact, we move through our design solution phase, into production, and through our structured close out procedures. We would be honored to tailor your project to suit your design, budget and life cycle costs.

Application Methods

  • Induction welding “secures membrane to plates with the help of a portable induction welding tool.”
  • For combatting moderate winds, mechanically fastened systems make sense.
  • When you need increased durability and protection from wind uplift, we recommend fully adhered systems (there are also high-wind adhesives available).

Products and Accessories

PVC – Sure-Flex™, PVC – Sure-Flex™ KEE HP, PVC – Sure-Flex™ FleeceBACK®, PVC – Sure-Flex™ FRS, PVC – Sure-Flex™ KEE HP FleeceBACK and a host of accessories are available for added performance (including certified fabricated accessories, flashings, pressure-sensitive cover strip, adhesives, primers and more).


Make sure you partner with the best roofing company in your area. Bone Dry Roofing, locally owned and operated in Charleston, SC, Bone Dry Roofing, locally owned and operated in St. Simons, Bone Dry Roofing, locally owned and operated in Athens, GA. You can contact us today to discuss your PVC membrane roofing needs at 1-855-BONEDRY.

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