How Cost-Effective is Your Roof?


When reviewing your home roofing options, a host of considerations come into the picture. Budget plays a large role in your decision, and with good reason. While the initial investment of your new roof must be factored in, pausing to look at the costs in the long-run may shift your perspective. In today’s post, we’re covering the life expectancy of your home’s roof.

The National Association of Home Builders / Bank of America Home Equity published their Study of Life Expectancy of Home Components in 2007. It is often referred to in the roofing field and covers everything from decks and doors to appliances, HVAC and siding to roofing. We’ve included a snapshot of their findings as they relate to our industry.


We’re highlighting a few of our most popular roofing options below and including information from the aforementioned study.

The Study of Life Expectancy of Home Components states the average asphalt roof will last 20 years. That means you can expect to repair and ultimately replace your roof by the 20-year mark. If you plan to stay in your home for many years, you could realistically anticipate paying this cost two times over 40 years and three times over at the 60-year mark. This doesn’t even include the hassle that comes along with replacing an asphalt room, and the environmental implications. Recycle Nation reports “11 million tons of asphalt shingle waste is generated in the U.S. each year.”

Simulated Slate and Slate
Though the initial investment is greater, simulated slate and slate boast 50 years of life expectancy (slate is listed at 50+ years). Slate tile is known to have “huge upsides,” as reported by Home Advisor, which includes its stunning appearance, water-resistant properties and longevity. It’s also resistant to fires and environmentally friendly. House Tipster describes slate as the “calling card of a truly remarkable home” and we agree. Bob Villa reports some slate roofs can last 100+ years.


It doesn’t get much better than projecting a roofing system will last a lifetime. Add energy efficiency and low maintenance to the list and you have an attractive roofing option. Bob Villa loves the color and style options clay and concrete roofs bring. In an article about their benefits, he also writes: “Clay is particularly resistant to the corrosion of salt air, making it a great choice for homes situated in coastal regions near an ocean.”


Similar to clay and concrete, you can expect your copper room to last a lifetime. At Bone Dry Roofing Company, one of our favorite features of a copper room is the limitless design options thanks to our in-house metal fabrication shop. Take a look at our gallery of recent home projects and we think you’ll love our handiwork.

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