Spotlight on Firestone Commercial Metal Roofing


As our commercial roofing systems series continues, we are focusing on Firestone’s commercial metal roofing systems. We’ve also covered their EPDM membrane  roofing, their TPO membrane  roofing and their PVC membrane  roofing (we’ll wrap the series up with their asphalt offerings next). According to Roofing Contractor magazine, the demand for commercial metal roofing has grown consistently in recent years. Firestone describes their metal roofing solutions as “sustainable, dependable and high-performing.” The array of available finishes and materials means more design possibilities made even better with their RedShield™ warranty. Keep reading as we move through the features of their metal roofing systems.

Metal Roofing Basics and Benefits
Metal roofs have long been known for their energy-efficiency, safety and durability. They can handle high winds, weather the elements and maintain the protection they provide over the long-term. Another big plus is the cost savings metal roofs offered over their lifetime. Rodger Russ for writes, “as part of a tested assembly, a standing-seam roof system can result in energy savings of up to 40%.” With an emphasis on research, product development and innovation, Firestone launched their metal roofing systems in 2005. When backed by a company like Firestone, add superior quality, longevity and a host of design and color options to the list. Benefits shared on the Firestone website include:

  • Able to withstand high winds (UNA-CLAD™ UC Panels)
  • Mechanical seaming for enhanced design (UNA-CLAD™ UC Panels)
  • Curving or tapering of panels as desired (UNA-CLAD™ UC Panels)
  • The elimination of clips during installation (UNA-CLAD™ UC-4 Roofing Panel)
  • The ability to handle expansion and contraction from natural elements (UNA-CLAD UC-6 Double-Lock Standing Seam Roofing Panel)
  • Continuous interlocking seam aids in ease of install (UNA-CLAD UC-14 Roofing Panel)
  • A concealed clip system for even more protection (UNA-CLAD UC-14 Roofing Panel)
  • Works well with longer panels (UNA-CLAD UC-14 Roofing Panel)
  • Can be formed as needed (New Tech UL)
  • Available in copper, zinc, acrylume and 31 standard PVDF-painted aluminum and steel colors (UNA-CLAD™ Warranted Metal Panels and UNA-CLAD™ UC Roofing Panels)
  • 1″ profile allows the designer “the ability to specify and create high-profile features” (UNA-CLAD™ UC Roofing Panels)
  • High radius capabilities (UNA-CLAD™ UC Roofing Panels)
  • 30-year platinum warranty available with their UNA-CLAD UC-3, UC-4, UC-6, UC-6 HD and UC-14 metal roofing systems


Installation and Options
Our full-service commercial roofing department handles a wide range of roofing projects (any size and complexity). With our own in-house metal fabrication shop, you can trust our team of experts to exceed your expectations as we handle all the details. We are here to ensure the finished product exceeds your expectations and would love to bring your vision to life. Browse our gallery of projects (select ‘metal’) and let us know how we can help!

Products and Accessories

  • Warranted: UNA-CLAD™ Warranted Metal Panels and New Tech UL Compliant Profiles
  • Non-warranted: UNA-CLAD™ UC Roofing Panels
  • CLAD-GARD™ Metal Underlayments
  • UNA-CLAD™ Soffit Panels


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