Increase Your Home’s Value With These Five Improvements


For many families, more time at home means more time for improvements big and small. When so much feels outside of our control, bringing some calm into our homes gives our minds an opportunity to focus and reset. Whether organizing your closet, putting extra paint to use, or tackling a bigger project that’s been on your list for what seems like ages, now may be the right time to elevate your space. In today’s post, we’re covering five home improvements that may boost your home’s value.


Before we jump in, keep in mind these kinds of decisions depend on your budget and your long-term goals. For instance, if you hope to sell your home in the next year, your ideal projects may differ from a family that has plans to stay put for years to come.


1. Kitchen Upgrades
A fresh update to the kitchen offers an attractive return for homeowners. A recent HGTV article places kitchen upgrades at the top of their list of ways to increase your home’s value. Families enjoy the benefits right away in the form of new appliances, more working counter space, a bigger sink, or better lighting. Function, budget, and design come together to beautify this space.


2. Roofing
At Bone Dry, we’d be remiss to leave roofing off our list of home recommendations, but many experts agree that curb appeal plays a big role in a home’s value. Nerd Wallet recommends homeowners upgrade how their home looks from the street. There are several factors involved, including landscaping, your home’s exterior lighting, hardscapes, and your front door. A tired roof detracts from your home’s value and appearance, and if the issues go beyond cosmetic ones, they can become costly. We would love to go over the many roofing options we provide, including the rich history and striking aesthetic of tile roofs, the limitless design options with copper and specialty roofs, the quality and durability of metal roofs, and our Platinum Preferred status with Owens Corning for your shingle roofing needs.


3. Unfinished Spaces
Increasing the usable square footage of your home gives you much-needed room and adds to your home’s value. Think about unfinished areas, such as a room over the garage, your basement or your attic. Divide larger spaces into sections with your renovation (such as an office and a playroom). Home Advisor has a home addition calculator that may come in handy. Other projects that might make sense? A sunroom, kitchen extension, or bedroom addition.


4. Siding
Corinne Rivera for Home Light writes: “The truth is a siding upgrade can enhance curb appeal, increase your asking price, and attract more buyers—but it’s no small project in scope and expense.” Rivera provides a list of signs your siding may need replaced, such as cracked or loose panels, warping and rot, signs of moisture inside the home, and more. She recommends repairing where possible and taking a great time and care to choose the siding right for you.


5. Garage Door
In Remodeling magazine’s 2019 Cost vs. Value report for the South Atlantic region, garage door replacement is second on their list of remodeling projects. They estimate an 86 percent return on the investment. An upgraded garage door with windows and design accents can boost your curb appeal and is relatively inexpensive in terms of home renovations (estimated at around $3,540).


Bonus: Smart Home Technology
Beth Buczynski for Nerd Wallet believes smart home upgrades add appeal to potential buyers, citing a recent survey from Coldwell Banker (it’s important to note they may not increase your home’s value). Look for safety-enhancing devices online or at your nearby hardware store; Buczynski’s list includes smart door locks and lighting, upgraded thermostats, fire detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and security cameras.

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