Spotlight on Johns Manville Liquid Applied Membrane Roofing


As a part of our commercial roofing systems series, we turn our attention to liquid applied membrane roofing from Johns Manville (JM). We recently spotlighted their EPDM , TPO , PVC , SBS , APP  and BUR  membrane roofing offerings (future posts will feature commercial roofing options from Firestone). Roofing Magazine reports “liquid rubber membranes combine the properties of adhesives and coatings while adding significant technological advancements that create an instant-setting waterproofing/weatherproofing membrane.” The publication notes this system brings the performance found in modified bitumen with an extended service life and lower maintenance. JM describes their liquid applied membranes as a good fit for confined urban spaces, where numerous roof penetrations are present or the use of hot asphalt or heat welding is not permitted. Other ideal scenarios given in their Liquids Application Guide are plaza decks, balconies and garden roofs. They also mention “high-value roofs, roofs with difficult access, small irregular shaped roofs or for roofs with many penetrations.” Let’s unpack the features and advantages of liquid membranes.

Basics and Benefits
What is liquid applied membrane roofing from Johns Manville? They describe liquid applied membranes as a “two-component, fast-curing, polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA) resin and a non-woven, chopped strand fabric reinforcement.” Roofing Magazine highlights several benefits of liquid applied membranes, including its “superior adhesion” and the following:

  • Ease of application and self-leveling (able to “conform to substrate irregularities and provide a continuous seal at penetrations”)
  • Performance in extreme temperatures (heat and cold)
  • Excellent elongation and recovery, allowing for “movement of the underlying surface”
  • Safe applications, with “no heat, kettles, torches or open flames” needed
  • A “non-toxic, odorless, and non-flammable” material that is free from VOCs

Installation and Options
The full-service commercial roofing department at Bone Dry Roofing Company handles an array of roofing projects (any size and complexity). We invite you to explore our project gallery and bios to review our qualifications and experience. We would love the opportunity to collaborate on your roofing needs.

Application Methods

The Johns Manville Liquids Application Guide states: “The JM PMMA membrane system is comprised of a primer, waterproofing resin and fleece reinforcement, as well as an optional surfacing.” Regarding the process, specifics for the mixing, measuring and application of the membrane system components are carefully followed by your Bone Dry Roofing team.



JM liquid applied membrane roofing products include Fibrated Aluminum Roof Coating, JM PMMA All Purpose Primer, JM PMMA CATALYST, JM PMMA Cleaner, JM PMMA Detailer, JM PMMA Field Resin, JM PMMA Flashing Resin, JM PMMA Metal Primer, JM PMMA Repair Paste, JM PMMA Scrim, JM PMMA Textured Top Coat and more (complete list available on the JM website).

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