How to Safeguard Your Metal Roof From Pollen Damage


There are countless reasons to opt for a metal roof, from durability and energy efficiency to peace of mind from wind and ice. Metal roofs also beautifully complement the exterior of your home or business. It’s no surprise that metal residential re-roofing holds a growing share of the re-roofing market (13 percent in the United States). Did you know that pollen poses a threat to your metal roof and warranty when the recommended maintenance is pushed aside? It is critical to protect your investment and extend your roof’s longevity with proper care. Today’s post will cover pollen season and the fine print as it relates to your metal roof. Keep reading to learn more about your metal roof and pollen damage.

Pesky Pollen Season

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America reports, “Each spring, summer and fall, plants release tiny pollen grains to fertilize other plants of the same species . . . These plants make small, light and dry pollen grains that travel by the wind.” South Carolina residents can expect tree pollen season to run from late February/early March until mid-May. In Georgia, tree pollen season typically runs mid-April to mid-May. On its heels comes grass pollen in the summer months and weed pollen in the fall.

Why Pollen Poses a Threat to Your Metal Roof

When pollen particles in the air meet sap, debris and moisture, an accumulation on your metal roof may occur. This buildup poses a threat to the protective coating on your metal roof, especially when the recommended cleaning and maintenance schedule is ignored. Unfortunately, rain will not wash the pollen and debris away, and pressure washing your roof is damaging and will likely void your warranty. Similarly, harsh and abrasive chemicals are not permitted. The goal is to protect, not harm your investment. Roof system maintenance is described by the National Roofing Contractors Association as both the “most neglected area of a roof management program” and the “single most important factor” (aside from proper installation) in keeping your roof in good condition for the long run.

Check the Fine Print

Carefully review the fine print of the warranty associated with your metal roof. You will  find that as the owner, you are expected to perform maintenance on your roof each year (we recommend maintenance is handled by qualified professionals). All metal manufacturers have verbiage around such maintenance.  For example, at the time of this post, PAC-CLAD’s 30-year limited warranty for aluminum products in a coastal environment states: “OWNER shall perform maintenance including a ‘sweet water’ (fresh tap water) rinse twice per year in accordance with AAMA 609 & 610-02.” PAC-CLAD’s standard finish 30-year limited warranty states: “This warranty does not apply to . . . damage caused by failure to remove debris or other accumulations of foreign substances from the surface of the roofing panels, fascia, mansard, soffit or other building components.”


Careful With Cleaners
PAC-CLAD’s standard finish 30-year limited warranty mentions cleaners: “No abrasive or chemical cleaners should be used on the COATING at any time.” The Georgia Metals website also provides specifics on cleaning and maintenance, which varies by coating type. This is not the time for DIY solutions or attempting to walk on your roof. A recent article on Roofing Contractor covers the hidden dangers of pollen on metal roofs. Chip Macdonald writes, “Although pine pollen is a solid material, when deposited in large quantities they can assume some fluid properties.”


Rely on Bone Dry
Bone Dry Roofing Company is here to help you protect your investment and maintain the beauty of your metal roof. Our experienced team will ensure the proper cleaning methods and precautions are taken to remove pollen, dust and debris. Contact us and we will follow-up with you right away.


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