Metal Roofing Companies Charleston | Why You Need to Choose Aluminum Standing Seam Metal Roofing (Bone Dry Roofing)

 Metal Roofing Companies Charleston      

Metal Roofing Companies Charleston | Why You Need to Choose Aluminum Standing Seam Metal Roofing


Metal Roofing Companies Charleston | Metal roofs with standing seams are becoming more popular across the United States and should be the next roof you choose for your home. Stock for metal roofs is rising and now is the time to invest in a product that can raise your home value while affording you the best storm protection. Here are a few of the reasons why metal roofing companies are urging homeowners to switch to aluminum:

  1. Increased Protection Against Roof Leaks- Standing seam roofs have wide raised panels that can quickly shed leaf debris, downpours, hail, and more limiting the amount of leakage far more than asphalt shingle roofs can. 
  2. Energy Efficient- Metal roofing companies in Charleston will be thrilled to tell you about the energy efficiency behind aluminum roofs. For starters, these roofs reflect heat and help to cool the home during hot months while also having thermal properties that keep the heat inside the house during cold months. 
  3. Stylish- Aluminum metal roofs are being installed in high-end homes because it is modern, elegant, eco-friendly, and looks great on contemporary homes. Metal roofing companies in Charleston can find numerous designs that will fit your personality and style perfectly. Aluminum roofs are created to be fade resistant meaning the color will pop and look great for many years to come. 
  4. Durability- Metal roofing companies in Charleston will attest that metal roofs are strong and more durable than asphalt. When you live in the hurricane zone on the coast, durability, wind resistance, and hail resistance it will be essential for you to in choosing the best roof for your home. 
  5. Cost Savings- A metal roof might cost more to install than asphalt and shingles, but your lifetime cost will be significantly lower to the reduced cost in maintenance and the longevity of metal roofs. Your home owner’s insurance could even go down if you have a metal roof. 

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