Metal Roofing Companies Charleston | Different Types of Metal Roofing

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Metal Roofing Companies Charleston | Different Types of Metal Roofing



Metal Roofing Companies Charleston | Metal roofing is an excellent choice for your home. You probably chose metal for its durability and many customizable options. Roofing companies in Charleston are installing metal roofs that make homes look modern, unique, and eco-friendly that catch the eye of each passerby. Aluminum is the metal that most people associate with this type of roofing, but there are many different types of metal materials that you can choose.

  1. Aluminum- Aluminum is a go-to for metal roofing companies because of how well the material holds up in coastal climates. The metal is resistant to salt corrosion but is more expensive than putting an aluminum coating on another type of metal roofing material.
  2. Copper- Metal roofing companies in Charleston have been using copper for hundreds of years all over the world. Copper can last more than two centuries in ideal environments and are 100% recyclable. Copper is also the quietest of the metals because of how soft it is. Soft metals tend to dent and not break when natural elements like tree branches damage them.
  3. Zinc- One of the only self-healing metals, Zinc can fix small scratches in itself over time and can easily last for more than a century. Zinc is perfect for commercial properties because it is so easy to work with and form over architectural designs. Zinc is also the most eco-friendly option for metal roofing.
  4. Steel – Being the most recycled metal on the planet makes steel another excellent choice for metal roofing. Steel is one of the least expensive types of metal roofing and comes in three primary types—Weathering, galvanized, and Galvalume. Steel roofing can mimic copper and other more luxurious metals.
  5. Tin- There is a common misconception that tin is used in roofing materials. Tin is rarely used, and most people only refer to tin as meaning metal.

Before choosing the metal you want for your brand new roof, contact the metal roofing companies in Charleston experts at Bone Dry Roofing 1-855-BONEDRY.

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