Metal Roofing Companies Charleston | Why Metal Roofs Are Eco-Friendly

 Metal Roofing Companies Charleston      

One of the top reasons metal roofing companies in Charleston recommend metal roofs is because they are eco-friendly. The positive impact that metal roofs have on the environment outweigh the drawbacks that homeowners associate with metal, including the cost and increased difficulty in installation. In fact, there might be a lot you don’t understand about how environmentally friendly metal roofs are. The benefits go beyond just being made from recyclable materials.

Energy Efficient

One of the most significant impacts that metal roofing companies in Charleston talk about in regards to eco-friendliness of a roof is how energy efficient it is. Metal roofs reflect the sun and reduce the amount of heat your home retains in the summer, which can be hard on your central air. Metal roofs also allow you to add more insulation, which can stop the cold air from escaping in the summer while still keeping your house warm in colder months.

Light-colored metal roofs are the best choice for homeowners. Metal roofing companies Charleston resident’s trust can show you how the color of your metal roof can reduce your energy use by 40%, and unpainted roofs have been shown to reflect more than 60% of the sun’s rays.

Electricity Saving

Homes with metal roofs can save up to 55% on how much electricity they use annually, which can save homeowners hundreds of dollars each year, depending on the size of their homes. If your roof has skylights, you can save even more by relying on natural lighting instead of electric lights in your ceilings or lamps.

Metal roofing companies Charleston residents love, such as Bone Dry Roofing, make a global impact by encouraging homeowners to embrace metal roofing for a healthier world, peak energy savings, and urban heat island mitigation.

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