Metal Roofing Companies in Charleston | 4 Reasons You Should Replace Your Asphalt Roof with Metal

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Metal Roofing Companies in Charleston | 4 Reasons You Should Replace Your Asphalt Roof with Metal

When your shingles are falling off, you’re experiencing roof leaks, and your asphalt shingle roof has reached the end of its warranty, a roof replacement is your best option to protect your home. Metal roofing companies in Charleston are seeing more homeowners ditching the traditional asphalt and choosing metal roofing materials instead, however. Have you noticed this trend in your own neighborhood and wondered why your friends are choosing metal over asphalt?

Here are the top four reasons why people are ditching the asphalt in favor or metal roofing:

Longevity- Metal roofs can last the lifetime of the home when they are properly installed and maintained. They usually require less maintenance than traditional asphalt roofs but can mimic nearly any material, style or design. Metal roofs also come in many different color options and are easy for Metal roofing companies in Charleston to install. They are also fire, rot, and insect damage resistant, unlike asphalt roofs.

No More Leaks- Metal roofing that is installed and maintained correctly will eliminate your future roof leaks. You won’t have to worry about shingles blowing off during hurricane winds, hail, or terrible storms and allowing water to infiltrate your home. On the rare occasion that temperature get below freezing you will also not need to worry about ice dams!

No Unsightly Algae- If you’ve ever seen the ugly black streaks that cover asphalt roofs you know it’s not a good look for your home. Algae and moss are biological growths on your roof. Yes, they can be cleaned; however, the growth does damage to the roof while growing and come back in the future. Metal roofs are not at risk for algae and moss growth.

Energy Efficient- Your asphalt roof becomes less energy efficient the older it gets but not metal roofs! Metal roofing can reduce your cooling costs by up to 25 percent each year. Ask the Metal roofing companies in Charleston to coat your roof to be reflective and improve your energy efficiency even more.

Metal roofs are the best option for residential roofs in Charleston for many reasons, but these top four should be enough to convince you that when it’s time for your roof replacement, metal is the way you’ll go!

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