Metal Roofing Companies in Charleston | Will My Metal Roof Rust?

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Metal Roofing Companies in Charleston | Concerned Your Roof Will Rust?


Homeowners in South Carolina rely on metal roofing companies in Charleston to install metal roofs that are durable, fire-resistant, energy-efficient, wind-resistant, and stylish; however, some homeowners still wonder whether their roof will rust—it is metal after all. No one wants to risk installing something that will accumulate unsightly rust and need to be replaced.

Here are protections metal roofing companies in Charleston will take to ensure your roof does not rust:

Zinc Coating- Roofs can be made from zinc but other types of metal roofing can be coated in zinc for an extra layer of rust protection. Galvanized steel is regular steel that has been coated with zinc and a popular choice for commercial roofing. Zinc is corrosion-resistant which prevents rust but also acts as a barrier against scratches and damage.

Galvalume- Galvalume is a blend of zinc, silicon, and aluminum and is more resistant to rusting than just a standard zinc coating. Galvalume doesn’t do great at protecting scratches from rusting however because of the softer aluminum.

Fluoropolymer-Based Paint- This type of paint is designed to prevent rusting non metal panels and extending life expectancy while also adding style to your home.

Elastomeric Roof Coating- Elastic roof coating will seal the underlying material to prevent leaks and limit weathering. Some of these coatings are even used to enhance cooling and energy savings.

Waterproof Coatings- Metal roofing companies in Charleston will use metal roofing panels that are waterproof. Additional waterproof coatings are available to help minimize rust and seal the roof against rain.

Metal roofing companies in Charleston are experts on metal roofs. A contractor can talk to you about how what to expect with your roof and the proper maintenance, aside from coating and sealing, that will help prevent rust and ensure your metal roof lasts as long as you expect—more than 50 years!

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