Our Procedure

At Bone Dry, we have a proven six-step process that ensures every project we undertake is completed to the highest levels of quality, safety, and customer satisfaction.

Initial Contact


A prospective client makes his or her first call to Bone Dry roofing and from there, our proven process begins. Our goal at the Initial Contact phase is to listen and understand our customer’s needs. We aim to proactively engage the process by taking the information communicated to us and setting the expectation level of how the process will look moving forward. We understand the fear and uncertainty that can be associated with roof-related issues, and from the first phone call, we want to partner with our customers and help make their roofing experience a positive one.

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Relationship Development


After making initial contact our next step is to form a relationship with our customers. At this phase, we are gathering information that is specific to our customer’s situation. From there, we will explain what we need to do to assist in diagnosing the problem and how our services are uniquely designed to resolve roof related issues. This step usually ends with an appointment time and location being set so that we can accurately identify the problem and propose the best solution.

Solution Development


Once we know our new client and understand their unique needs, it’s time to start building a solution. Typically, this begins with an onsite inspection so our trained professionals can assess and diagnose the situation. From there, we will create a proposal with specific resolution to your problem. In most cases, this proposal will include options so that we can help educate and explain what the range of solutions are that best fit our client’s specific needs. In addition, many times we will include photo evidence of what we have observed to assist in bringing the roof “down to the ground” for our customers.

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Solution Delivery


When possible, we always encourage an in person meeting to deliver our recommended solution or proposal. This is the phase where we can explain our findings and communicate exactly what the resolution needs to be. A signed agreement is typically executed and the work that needs to be performed is scheduled and put in line to be performed.

Project Execution


Project Execution is the stage when everything related to physically performing a repair or installing a roof takes place. Job site setup and safety requirements are satisfied and our crews begin on the scope of work that has previously been approved. Upon completion, their work is inspected, the job site is cleaned up, and our customer is notified that we have performed the services we were contracted to complete.

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Project Completion


The final stage of our Proven Process is Project Completion. All warranties, technical data and billings are exchanged at this point. In addition, communication about meeting expectations and how we can better serve our clients moving forward is discussed and documented. When all of these steps are followed and monitored carefully, our customers experience a roofing process that time and time again exceeds their expectations.

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