The Bone Dry Roofing Restoration of The Historic DuBignon Cottage on Jekyll Island


The DuBignon Cottage is a historical landmark on Jekyll Island. The cottage was built in 1884 as a farmhouse for John Eugene DuBignon before he sold the island. Since then, the beloved landmark had fallen into disrepair and needed a lot of work to restore it to its original charming grandeur. At the behest of the new owners, Bone Dry Roofing has led an ambitious effort to help restore this landmark, and we’re proud to share the results with you!

Some Background

Photo Credit: Jekyll Island Club Resort

The Dubignon Cottage is the oldest building in the historic district of Jekyll Island. In the early days of The Jekyll Island Club Resort, the home was used as the superintendent’s residence and as accommodations for overflow guests. It’s since been surrounded by newer and grander structures but its classic Victorian look continues to honor the history and architectural style of the time and the South!

Enter Bone Dry Roofing

We were honored to be included in the re-roofing of the historic DuBignon cottage. The folk Victorian architectural style is beautiful and evokes glimpses into a different era—a legacy that demands to be honored The Bone Dry Roofing team understands the importance of honoring the history and construction style of existing buildings when providing roof replacements or restorations.

DuBignon-CottageThe DuBignon Cottage originally had a wood share roof. We’ve provided a new roof that fits perfectly, matching the past but providing shelter and modern structural soundness in the present. Just before the turn of the century, additional terne metal sections were added. Today, terne metal is not available, so in keeping with the current look Bone Dry Roofing used lead coated copper pieces to replace the metal portions.

Here at Bone Dry Roofing, we put care and consideration into every job we take on. While residential projects can be more straightforward than working on a commercial or historical site, every job is one of a kind and as a company that’s part of what makes providing unique roofing solutions rewarding! As the DuBignon Cottage restoration shows, with the right expertise and materials, the old can meet the new in magnificent ways.
If you have an existing structure that needs fixing or a new build that you’re excited about, get in touch with our team today. We’re excited to work with you!

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