Roofing Companies Athens GA | Common Roofing Terms Homeowners Should Know

 Roofing Companies Athens GA      

Roofing Companies Athens GA | Common Roofing Terms Homeowners Should Know 


Roofing Companies Athens GA | When you own a home roof maintenance will be something you have to look forward to, and you must understand at least some of the standard terms that roofing companies in Athens, GA will use. You need to know what the roofers and contractors are talking about so that you know exactly what is happening and can communicate with the roofing companies in Athens, GA effectively about your home options. 

Downspout- The downspout is the part of the gutter system that carries water away from the roof to drain into the storm water runoff. 

Drip Edge- The metal edge along the eaves that allows rainwater to drip from the fascia and to the gutters. 

Eave- The edge of the roof that extends over the exterior wall. 

Fascia- The roof trim along the building perimeter just below the roof level that covers the rafter tails. 

Flashing- Usually, a metal material that seals the roof to prevent leaks around the roof projections. 

Gable- The triangular part of the end wall between the eave and the sloping roof. 

Rake- the part of a sloped roof that inclines over the edge perpendicular to the ridge and the eave. 

Sheathing- Also called a roof deck, the sheath is the first layer of the roof that is applied to the rafters and outer studs. The sheathing is also the base for the waterproof covering. 

Soffit- the roof overhang and the underside of the eaves. May be exposed or enclosed. 

Underlayment- The underlayment is the sheet material placed between the sheathing and the roof system that is used to shed water and provide more weather protection for the home. 

Vent Pipe- The vent pipe is an opening that allows air, vapors, and gas to escape to lower the moisture levels in your home and prevent mold and mildew. 


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