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Roofing Companies Athens, GA | Estimating Roof Age


Roofing Companies Athens, GA | Most asphalt roofs last between fifteen and twenty-five years if they are well maintained. When you’re purchasing a home, it’s essential to know how old the roof is so that homeowners can know what to expect in terms of needing maintenance and how long they have before they need to budget for replacement. Sometimes you can run into homeowners who aren’t sure how old their roof is and will have to rely on an inspector to offer up an estimate. Sometimes roofing companies in Athens GA can also advise how old a roof is due to seven signs that are typically factored in.

1. Water Damage- Roofing companies in Athens, GA, can get a pretty good idea of how old the roof is by looking for active leaks and evidence of older leaks. If there are water spots on the ceiling, Roofing companies in Athens GA can tell that the protective sealant on the roof is wearing off and that the roof is older.

2. Warped Shingles- If shingles are buckling, curling, or warping, in the part of the roof that receives the most sunlight, chances are the roof is nearly the end of its lifespan.

3. Roof Valleys- The valleys on the roof are more susceptible to moisture damage. If there are missing shingles in the valleys, your roof is older.

4. Missing Shingles- Shingles that are loose or missing can be caused by wind damage no matter how old your roof is, but if there are several missing and there’s not been a storm recently, the roof probably needs replacing.

5. Rusted Flashing- If the metal flashing on the roof is rusted or even missing, the roof is either old or hasn’t been properly maintained which will put it in rough shape. Flashing that is missing or separated can let water into your home and cause flooding or leaking.

6. Granules in the Gutters- When a lot of roof granules are showing up in your gutters, this is a big indicator of the shingles reaching the end of their life.

7. Sunlight in the Attic- If Roofing companies in Athens GA go into the attic and see sunlight coming in through the roof, you have a major problem and will need those Roofing companies in Athens GA more than ever.

If you’re worried about how old your roof is and need annual maintenance, call Bone Dry Roofing in Athens GA at 1-855-BONEDRY.

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