Roofing Companies Athens GA | What You Need to Know About Adding a Skylight

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Roofing Companies Athens GA | What You Need to Know About Adding a Skylight


Roofing Companies Athens GA | Skylights are a great way to add natural light, dimension, and style to your home. You can wake up to a flood of morning sunlight each day and fall asleep counting gorgeous skies above Georgia when you have a skylight. Adequately installed skylights can also decrease your energy bills, but there are a few things that roofing companies in Athens, GA want you to know about adding a skylight to your home. 

  1. Big vs. Small Skylights and Installation Cost- You might not realize that the installation cost between a small skylight and much larger one may not be much different. Don’t be afraid to ask roofing companies in Athens, GA to be generous in designing your skylights if you are looking for maximum light exposure. 
  2. Consider the Sun- You need to know how the sun will affect your skylight. South facing sloping roofs with skylights are likely to keep rooms warm while skylights that face North tend to diffuse soft light throughout the day without a sun-splashed effect. If your skylight is in the kitchen, direct sunlight may bleach your cabinets, so ask the roofing companies in Athens, GA to help you with optimal placement. 
  3. Get the Upgrades- If you’re going to tackle the extra expense of a skylight, go all the way and get the best quality skylight that roofing companies in Athens, GA have to offer. Ask about UV coatings, ventilation, shading, water tightness, energy efficiency, and noise reduction. Skylights that can open for self-ventilation are ideal for kitchen, bathrooms, or other rooms that may retain moisture or need extra airflow. 
  4. Domed vs. Flat- Skylights can be domed or flat and may homeowners prefer domes because leaves and debris will slide right off. Dome skylights are limited in their manufacturing to plastic materials, however. 
  5. Glass vs. Plastic- Skylights that are glazed with glass are less likely to crack or scratch; however they are more expensive than standard plastic material skylights. Glass skylights are the better investment long term as plastic dome skylights can discolor over time. 

Are you ready to install a skylight in your home? Call Bonedry Roofing in Athens, GA to get a quote on your project at 1-855-BONEDRY. 


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