Roofing Companies Athens GA | Removing Algae Growth from Your Roof

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Roofing Companies Athens GA | Removing Algae Growth from Your Roof


Roofing Companies Athens GA | Humid areas of the country are known for moss and algae growth on roofs that leave ugly black streaks on shingles. Roof algae contain moisture so not only is the growth unsightly, but it can also cause damage to your roof shingles. If you see algae growth or black streaks on your roof, you should call roofing companies in Athens, GA, for a consultation on possible damage and removal of algae.

Why You Need A Professional for Algae Removal

Cleaning algae from your roof is possible to do at home; however, even when using chemical cleaning, algae growth usually returns. Using harsh chemicals repeatedly on your roof can also do just as much damage as the algae when it comes to deterioration of the shingles. Pressure washing can also be erosive and shorten the asphalt’s life span.

Working on your roof can also be dangerous, and you may not have the right safety equipment for working on a hazardous, wet roof with harsh chemicals in tow. The chemicals used to clean your roof can also drip down onto your landscaping and kill the plants growing around your home. You’ll need to rinse all of your plants thoroughly with clean water after your roof is cleaned.

Preventing Algae Growth on Roofs

If you want to avoid having to deal with algae growth at all, you should talk to roofing companies in Athens, GA about replacing your roof and switching to copper or galvanized steel that is coated with zinc. Copper and the zinc coating prevent algae growth. If you can’t replace your roof entirely, ask the roofing companies in Athens GA about roof vents and metal flashing around your chimney being switched to copper or zinc. When it rains, the water will wash tiny metallic particles down the roof, which will slow down algae growth on shingles.

If you see algae on your roof, call Bone Dry roofing in Athens GA at 1-855-BONEDRY or click here to request more information.

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