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Houses are not all built equally, and neither are the roofs that top them off. Depending on where you live, the type of roof you need to protect your home is going to be different. More northern places need materials created to withstand snow and ice buildup while homes in Georgia need roofs that can combat moisture, humidity, and hurricane winds. Roofing companies Athens GA residents can rely on will be knowledgeable in the best type of roofing material for your home and can answer all the questions you might have. For now, check out the four most popular roof types seen in Georgia homes.

Metal Roofs- According to roofing companies, Athens GA residents trust, metal roofs are the best and most popular material used for Georgia homes. Metal roofs are the most durable and effective in high humidity climates, and most are rustproof now, as well as algae and mold resistant.

Gable- Gable roofs are a popular style that features a center-peaked roof with an A-shaped frame at the front of the home. This style of roof is the best for air circulation and water drainage. A gable roof creates high ceilings in the upper level or attic and is an affordable option that is usually made of shingles.

Hip- Similar to the Gable, but featuring four sloping sides instead of two, hip style roofs are great for shade and energy efficiency as there is an overhang all around the home. Gutter installation is simple for these homes, and they also protect against wind gusts. They are less likely to become sun damaged as well!

Mansard- These Victorian-style roofs have very steep upper slopes that are flat and vertical at the lower section. Roofing companies in Athens GA often see this style in homes where large, open spaces are valued. They offer weak defense against snow and ice, but you’re not likely to worry about those problems in Georgia.

There are other types of roof styles available from roofing companies Athens GA residents have worked with for years. Make sure to consult with the roofing company you trust before remodeling your home and creating a new roof.

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