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Roofing Companies Charleston SC | Fall Roof Maintenance


Roofing Companies Charleston SC | The window for fall in South Carolina is small with trees not changing colors until almost November in some regions. In the Lowcountry, there is a mix of evergreen trees that stay green all year and deciduous trees that lose their leaves for the wintertime. Falling leaves means it is time to prepare for fall roof maintenance and these tips and tricks will help you get ready. 

  1. Trim Dead Branches- One of the most common reasons for homeowners to call roofing companies in Charleston, SC is because a storm or strong wind sent huge dead branches falling from their trees onto their roof. Before fall starts, look around your property for any dead branches that may be hanging over your roof or close to your home. You’ll want to have these branches trimmed, so they don’t damage your shingles. 
  2. Cleaning Your Gutters- Once those leaves start to fall, your gutters can get clogged up, and water will not be drained from your home efficiently. Clogged gutters can lead to standing water, leaks, and roof rot. You’ll need to clean your gutters or have gutter guards installed to prevent leaves and debris from building up. Roofing companies in Charleston, SC always recommend gutter guards for homeowners. 
  3. Schedule a Professional Inspection- There are lots of different roofing companies in Charleston, SC but finding one you trust is essential. Get a professional roof inspection every year before hurricane season in the spring and after hurricane season, just before winter. Once you find a roofing company you love, you’ll never hesitate to call them for repairs and replacement as you need them in the future. 

Autumn in Charleston, SC doesn’t last long and comes at the end of hurricane season. You’ll want to complete your roof maintenance after hurricane damage risk is over but before winter sets in. When you’re ready to schedule your roof inspection, call Bonedry Roofing at 1-855-BONEDRY. 


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