Roofing Companies Charleston SC | HOAs and Roof Replacement: What You Need to Know

 Roofing Repair Companies Charleston SC      

Roofing Companies Charleston SC | HOAs and Roof Replacement: What You Need to Know 


Roofing companies in Charleston SC are used to dealing with Homeowners Associations, HOAs, but as a homeowner, you might not be aware that all your roofing decisions have to be approved by the HOA. There are many benefits to living in a planned community but dealing with roofing repairs can be time-consuming and even confusing when you have to pass everything by the HOA first. Roofing companies have a few tips with dealing with your HOA that will make your roof repairs go smooth and easy. 

  1. Get Expert Opinion- Your HOA representative might tell you that you need to replace your entire roof but roofing companies in Charleston, Sc are happy to come to your home and inspect your roof to offer a professional opinion on your behalf. Sometimes you can get by with roof maintenance to replace damaged or missing shingles, and you can negotiate with your HOA on what’s actually needed. 
  2. Know the Rules- Before you think about replacing your roof, make sure you know what the HOA rules are. Most likely, there are regulations for roof color, materials, and style that you’ll need to adhere to. You should also review your HOA contract to make sure you know your rights as a homeowner so you can appeal their decisions or state your case in front of the board if you want to make changes that challenge the rules. 
  3. Choose Trusted Roofing Companies in Charleston, SC- Ask your neighbors about the contractors and roofing companies that they have used. Get recommendations to find out which roofers have experience working in your community or with other Homeowners Associations. The HOA board may also have a list of preferred roofing companies that understand the HOA regulations already. 

Using experienced roofing companies in Charleston, SC to repair or replace your roof is essential to good outcomes. See what Bonedry Roofing can do for your HOA home by calling 1-855-BONEDRY. 


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