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Roofing Companies in Charleston, SC | How Metal Roofs Lower Energy Bills

Metal roofing companies in Charleston, SC, are becoming increasingly in demand by homeowners as word gets out that a metal roof can significantly lower your energy bills! Homeowners don’t need to switch over to solar to get the most savings on their roofs. If you want to stick with your electric company, roofing companies can replace your roof and get you lots of savings too.

Metal Roofs in Warm Climates

Metal roofs are particularly useful in South Carolina because of the sunny, warm climate. A painted or coated metal roof reflects the sun and cools your home naturally by remitting most of the solar radiation that is absorbed by a metal roof. A metal roof can remit up to 90% of the heat absorbed through your roof.

Cool-Metal Roofing

There is a particular kind of material that metal roofing companies in Charleston, SC, sometimes use called cool-metal roofing. This material is highly reflective and uses cool pigments in the paint to lower the temperature of the roof. Cool-metal roofing materials are also energy star efficient and can help homeowners qualify for some tax incentives.

Solar Friendly Metal Roofs

Not only are metal roofs already going to decrease your energy bills, but they are also the perfect material to use for roofs when you have a solar energy system. Metal roofing companies in Charleston, SC agree that metal roofs make solar installation easier, maximizes the cooling, and are the most durable way of saving energy and extending the lifespan of your roof.

Is Metal Roofing Expensive?

Metal roofing companies in Charleston, SC, recognize that metal roofing costs more than shingles and asphalt, sometimes as much as three times more! However, metal roofs usually come with 30-50 year warranties and are incredibly durable. The amount you save on your monthly energy bills will more than pay off the cost of your roof in just a few years.

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