Roofing Companies in Charleston SC | Set Up Your Holiday Roof Display Without Damaging Your Roof

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Roofing companies in Charleston SC | Set Up Your Holiday Roof Display Without damaging Your Roof

Roofing companies in Charleston SC | Halloween and Christmas are both holidays that call for lots of house decorations. Plenty of neighborhoods have competitions for best holiday decorations, and you may be thinking about setting up an impressive roof display. Roofing companies in Charleston, SC often have homeowners calling in after the holidays saying their roofs are leaking. What these roofing companies in Charleston, SC are finding is holiday displays that have been improperly installed and caused roof damage. Take our tips for setting up your holiday display so you can avoid roofing damage.

1. Avoid Walking On Your Roof- Walking across the shingles causes the gritty outer layer to come off. This layer helps protect the shingles from leaking, and if you lose too must, water will start to seep in. Walking on the roof without the proper safety gear is also dangerous for yourself.

2. Don’t Lift Shingles- While your shingles are layered and slightly flexible for wind and storm resistance, lifting your shingles to try to put up lights or other decorations can damage your roof. Shingles have a special coating on them, and when you lift and move them, this seal can be broken, rendering your shingles useless.

3. Use Clips- They are plastic, and rubber clips available made especially for stringing lights and putting up holiday displays. These clips attach to the gutters and roof. Some clipon, while others have adhesive backing and hooks. Never use nails, screws, or staples on your roof.

4. Use Outdoor Use Cords and Lights- You need to ensure that your lights and cords are approved for outdoor use. You’ll also need to check for frayed cords and lights that are shorted out. Don’t use damaged cords; these are a fire hazard.

When you set up your holiday display, you need to keep your roof in mind. It is after all one of the most significant investments you have in your home. If you are worried about roof damage caused by your holiday decorations, call Bone Dry Roofing in Charleston at 1-855-BONEDRY.

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