Roofing Companies in Athens GA | Winter Tornadoes and Storm Damage

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Roofing Companies in Athens GA | Winter Tornadoes and Storm Damage

Winter in the Southern United States often means tornados, winter storms, and flash floods. In January, an EF-1 tornado with 90 miles per hour winds flipped over cars and did roof damage to some properties. Shortly after the tornado, a storm front brought flash flood warnings across six states from Louisiana to Georgia with several inches of rain being predicted. The storm warnings have roofing companies in Athens, GA ready to help you repair any damages these storms might have for your roofs.

After storms and tornados, these are the signs of storm damage homeowners need to look for:

Shingles Blown Off- When the storms are passed, homeowners should go out to their yard and look for any shingles that were blown off the roof. Missing shingles mean leaks in the roof that roofing repair companies in Athens, GA will need to fix.

Roof Debris- Homeowners will need to grab a ladder and check out the roof for any branches, hail, or other debris that may have fallen and damaged the shingles, tiles, or the metal roof. In most cases, the debris can be swept off, but sometimes storm debris can result in loose shingles or even holes in the roof.

Standing Water- When you’re doing a roof inspection, check for any standing water that did not drain from the roof. Standing water can accumulate and lead to rot, mold growth, leaks, and other problems. Roofing companies in Athens, GA might need to do a thorough inspection if you find standing water on your roof.

Gutter Systems- Storms and tornados can often knock down your gutter system or do damage that can cause further property damage. Your water drainage system protects not only your roof but keeps water away from your home where it can seep into your basement and cause flooding.

Winter storms in the south can do major damage to roofs, and homeowners should keep reputable roofing companies in Athens, GA on their speed dial. Your roof protects your home and local roofing companies are here to protect your roof.

If you’ve suffered roof damage in the winter storms, call Bone Dry Roofing at 1-855-BONEDRY.

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