Roofing Companies in Charleston SC | Roofing Issues That Require A Qualified Contractor

 Roofing Companies in Charleston SC      

Roofing Companies in Charleston SC | Roofing Issues That Require A Qualified Contractor

Some homeowners are excellent do it yourselfers who pride themselves on being able to fix anything around the house. Handy people can save themselves hundreds and thousands of dollars over the life of their home by not calling in the professionals; however, there are a few roofing issues that require a qualified contractor, and the roofing companies in Charleston, SC just happen to be the most qualified!

  1. Structural Damage- When you have serious structural damage, such as if a tree falls onto your roof, you will need to call roofing companies in Charleston, SC immediately after the situation is under control by emergency services. Structural damage is going to require working with many different agencies such as the contractor, insurance, and home builders to rebuild your roof in many cases.
  2. Defective Materials- The main reason why you shouldn’t DIY fix defective roofing materials such as flashing, gutters, drains, or shingles is because many of these materials are covered under your warranty if they are truly defective. Warranty companies will always require professional roofing companies in Charleston, SC to complete the work.
  3. Poor Ventilation- Your roof should have vents strategically placed to allow free airflow through your attic. Moisture building up in your attic can lead to mold, leaking, and pest problems. If you notice ceiling leaks, moisture build up in your attic, or notice your energy bills getting higher without explanation you need to call roofing companies in Charleston, SC.
  4. Loose or Missing Shingles- You might be able to fix a small leak or replace a missing shingle easily, but when there are many shingles missing or you are finding your roof loosing shingles frequently, you need to have an inspection by a qualified contractor.
  5. Improper Installation- If your roofing is not installed properly, you should always call the contractor that replaced or installed your roof. Their labor and materials should be under warranty for improper installation.

Professional contractors are the best way to go when you need roofing work. They are insured, qualified, and their work is usually guaranteed which means you don’t have to worry about costly mistakes adding even more of a burden to your busy life.

If you’re in need of roofing repairs in Charleston, call Bone Dry Roofing at 1-855-BONEDRY.

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