Roofing Companies St. Simon | Drainage Solution for Flat Roofs


Roofing Companies St. Simon | Drainage Solution for Flat Roofs


Roofing Companies St Simon | Flat roofs are popular because they are affordable when it comes to installation, repairs, and upkeep. Flat roofs are perfect for commercial buildings because air conditioning units can be installed on top of the property to make the best use of space. Making use of your interior attic space is also a great benefit of a flat roof because when the walls aren’t sloped, the rooms look much larger and offer more head-space. One problem that roofing companies in St. Simon warn about has proper drainage. 

Flat roofs need proper drainage to maintain their integrity. Without proper drainage, standing water can cause leaks, and the roof membrane will start to deteriorate. Three roof drainage systems work best for flat roofs and are recommended by roofing companies in St. Simon. 

Interior Drains- These types of drains are put in intervals in the middle of the roof and use internal gutters or pipes to move water outside the building. Most of the gutters have stoppers that prevent debris from clogging up the pipes. This drainage system is perfect for regions that get a lot of rain and also look nice because the pipes are hidden internally. 

Scuppers- Scuppers are placed on the outside of roofs and project water away from the building. Scuppers keep the walls dry and help the foundation not to be compromised by too much water draining down the sides of the property. This type of drainage system Is more cost-effective for roofing companies in St. Simon to install but need a sloped structure or tapered insulation system to work correctly. 

Gutters- The most common type of roof drainage system is gutters, which are attached to the roof edges. Gutters collect water draining from the roof and carry it down and away from the building. Gutters are the cheapest roof drainage system and are effective at dealing with moderate rainfall. Gutters need to be cleaned regularly to maintain effectiveness. 

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