Roofing Companies in St Simon | How Hot Summer Weather Can Affect Your Roof

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Roofing Companies in St Simon | How Hot Summer Weather Can Affect Your Roof


Roofing companies in St. Simon know how the hot summer weather affects your roof, but many homeowners have no idea how their roofs are holding up in the summer. Extreme weather conditions such as excessive heat can speed up the life expectancy of your roof, and you’ll need the roofing companies in St. Simon to help you inspect and repair after a hot season. Other summer weather conditions can damage your roof as well, such as:

Heavy Rain- Summer storms and hurricane weather in Georgia can be very damaging to roofs. Torrential downpours can damage the granules on your shingles, seals, and cause water leakage and shingle deterioration. Water that remains on the roof or gets underneath the shingles can cause the wood to rot or the flashing to rust and cause leaks. Another problem that roofing companies in St. Simon see is heavy rain causing moss and mold to grow on roofs. 

High Winds- High winds are one of the most damaging natural elements for roofs to endure and losing shingles and tiles is common. When shingles are missing, you can have roof leaks into your home. High winds also blow debris like leaves and sticks onto your roof that can clog up your gutters and cause water to back up and cause water issues. 

Heat- Excessive heat can cause some shingles, especially older shingles, to warp or crack. When cracks happen, water can leak through. You may not be able to see these tiles or shingles that are warped or cracked from the ground. This is why you must seek out roofing companies in St. Simon to conduct your biannual roof inspections. 

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