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Losing sight of your roof maintenance is easy to do when you’re a busy homeowner. The best roofing companies encourage their clients to take care of roofing maintenance in between professional inspections. Annual inspections are vital for the longevity of your roof and maintaining its warranty.  However, to lengthen its life and prevent costly repairs, homeowners should follow these tips:

  1. Trim the Trees- Glance up at the trees hanging over your roof. Are branches starting to hang down? Do you see dead branches at risk of falling onto your roof?  Make tree trimming part of your yard cleanup to protect your roof from debris.
  2. Insulate the Attic- If your attic is under-insulated, you won’t get the right airflow and ventilation. Your roof needs to breathe; otherwise, it will retain moisture and lead to an array of roofing failures including rot, delamination, and blistering.
  3. Penetrations- A great way to keep your roof system water-tight, is to perform an annual service on your penetration areas. These are known to be the weakest points of your roofing system and require maintaining.
  4. Clear the Debris- Standing water on your roof can lead to a deterioration of your roofing surface. Once gone, the water will weaken all membranes and adhesives. Gutters and valleys that are clear of debris will allow water to drain off your roof properly. As leaves and other debris gather in the valleys and gutters, your essential drainage system becomes blocked causing damage to your roof system and sometimes the foundation of your property.


Roofing Companies Residents Trust- To prevent unwanted fees and costly repairs, chose a roofing company local residents trust to help you develop a preventative routine and maintenance schedule that works for you.  By paying attention to your roof, you will help strengthen the longevity of your home’s infrastructure.

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