Roofing Repair Companies in Charleston | Common Misconceptions about Attic Ventilation

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Roofing Repair Companies in Charleston | Common Misconceptions about Attic Ventilation 


Roofing Companies in Charleston | Did you know that your attic ventilation system is an integral component of your roof? Many homeowners have no idea how closely tied their attic air ventilation is to proper roof maintenance. When attics are humid, condensation in the attic can degrade the quality of the roof and deteriorate sealants, and cause mold and mildew to grow on your roof which is unsightly and does a lot of damage. There are three misconceptions about attic ventilation that homeowners should be aware of so that they can maintain their roof correctly and not need to have roofing repair companies in Charleston on speed dial. 

Misconception #1: Any Roof Vent Will Do 

There are as many different roof vents as there are types of roof, and not all roof vents can be used with every different style of roof. Roof vents are also not enough to ensure proper ventilation because some, like Ridge Vents, may be cheap, but you need baffles to ensure air stays out of the roof. Gable vents can circulate air in large spaces, so you’d need many of them, and to be effective, most air vents need a ride-and-soffit continuous system. Talk to your roofing repair companies in Charleston to figure out the best air vent type for your roof. 

Misconception #2:  You Don’t Need Vents in Cold Climates

Roof ventilation helps with energy efficiency in the summer by helping to keep your home cool, but the proper circulation of air is also essential in cold climates to avoid condensation build up. 

Misconception #3: Install More Vents for Efficiency

You need just the right amount of ventilation for your attic because too little leads to moisture damage, but too many can cause structural weaknesses in your roof which can lead to leaks and also blowouts during hurricane season. You should consult with roofing repair companies in Charleston to decide home many vents your home needs. 

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