Roofing Repair Companies Charleston | What To Expect As Your Roof Ages

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Roofing Repair Companies Charleston | What To Expect As Your Roof Ages


Roofing Repair Companies Charleston | Roofs change in appearance as they age due to normal wear and tear, which can sometimes make it difficult to know if something you see happening on your roof needs attention from roofing repair companies in Charleston. This basic overview of what to expect as your roof ages will help you determine if you need to call the experts, or if your roof is aging as usual.

Weather Damage

The South Carolina coast is known for the hurricaneforce storms that can happen here as well as the sunny, sandy beaches, and beautiful warm weather. Extreme weather can accelerate the normal wear and tear of your room. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun can degrade asphalt shingles quickly. Moisture, pollution, hail, storm debris, and high winds will also age your roof and shingles. You may begin to see cracks or dents in your asphalt shingles. You might even see shingles that are missing. This is why it’s important to make sure to get your annual roof maintenance done by roofing companies in Charleston. Sometimes cracks are no big deal and just a part of aging, but they can become significant issues as well.

Aging Shingles

As asphalt shingles age, you will notice a few different changes happening. The asphalt will harden over time and start to break away, shrink, or have the edges begin to curl. Organic shingles are especially susceptible to curling. You’ll also notice some cracking, and raised areas known as blisters forming after your shingles are a few decades old. These things can happen early if proper roof ventilation is not maintained or if roofing repairs are not completed promptly.

Your shingles may also develop stains from algae growth. If your roof is lightcolored, this will be more noticeable because the algae cause the roof shingles to darken.

Roofing repair companies in Charleston such as Bone Dry Roofing can provide repair service and annual maintenance to help ensure your roof is aging gracefully, and little leaks don’t turn into big issues. Give us a call today at 1-855-BONEDRY.

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