Roofing Repair Companies Charleston | Repairing a Slate Roof

 Roofing Repair Companies Charleston      

Roofing Repair Companies Charleston | Repairing a Slate Roof 


Roofing Repair Companies Charleston | Homeowners have loved slate roofs because of their aesthetically pleasing design with decorative patterns, compelling forms, making them perfect for Gothic Revival and High Victorian-style homes with turrets and roof planes that are common in Charleston. Slate roofs are susceptible to impact damage, however, and if you notice broken, cracked, or missing slate tiles, you need roofing repair companies in Charleston to take a look at your roof right away to assess the necessary repairs. 

Repair Vs. Replacing a Slate Roof

Slate is one of the most expensive roofing materials so homeowners should get quotes from roofing repair companies Charleston that weigh repairing and replacing the roof against each other so you can make the best decision. If you only have a few slate tiles that need to be fixed, roofing repair companies in Charleston will most likely recommend replacing the few tiles. If your slate roof is historic, you might be prohibited from replacing the slate roof and only be able to complete repairs. 

If you end up having to replace the entire roof, there are a few things you must keep in mind:

  • The old slate must be removed completely to avoid overloading the roof timbers (slate is very heavy!)
  • Stripping should be done in sections and felt should be installed to avoid exposing the entire sub-roof at once to the elements. 
  • Slate is sold by the square. One square cover 100 square feet of plain roof surface.  
  • Make sure to order your slate long before you begin your roofing project. Slate can take anywhere from four to twelve weeks to quarry and deliver and even up to a year for special orders. 
  • You’ll need metal flashings, gutters, and downspouts. Make sure to choose the same type of metal for all of these components to avoid galvanizing. 
  • Copper or Terne flashings are the most common on historic slate roofs

If you need a quote from roofing repair companies in Charleston for replacing or repairing your slate roof, give Bonedry Roofing a call at 1-855-BONEDRY.


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