Roofing Repair Companies Charleston | Storm Chasers: The Roofing Scam You Need to Beware

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Roofing Repair Companies Charleston | Storm Chasers: The Roofing Scam You Need to Beware


Roofing Repair Companies Charleston | Homeowners in Charleston face lots of storms. It comes with the territory of living on the coast. However, homeowners might not realize that not all people claiming to represent roofing repair companies are legitimate. There are a large number of scammers that operate in areas where there is likely to be a lot of storm damage. Storm chasers, in particular, are dangerous and roofing repair companies in Charleston have some tips on how you can avoid these scammers.

What is a Storm Chaser Scammer?

A storm chaser scammer is a roofer or group of roofers who follow the trail of storm damage from hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, and other severe weather. Your insurance company is likely to payout because these storm chasers will bid the job low. However, the work you receive will be subpar, not include a warranty, and if there are issues in the future the company will be M.I.A. leaving you in a bind.

How Do Homeowners Know Roofing Repair Companies in Charleston Are Legitimate?

Roofing companies that are legitimate are not going door to door trying to sell you their services. If a roofer does approach you, make sure to check their background, ask for their business license and insurance information. If the roofers can’t or won’t provide you with the information, don’t agree to hire them.

If you get an estimate from someone, make sure to call around to other roofing repair companies in Charleston. Most will offer free estimates. If the first company’s bid is way lower than everyone else’s there’s a good chance they are storm chasing scammers.

If the company is not local, this is another red flag. Sometimes knowing if a company is local can be hard because they will establish local phone numbers and even addresses. You can ask for the driver’s licenses or ID’s of the roofers. If they are all from out of state, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with storm chasers.

If you want to ensure you’re dealing with roofing repair companies in Charleston that are legitimate, call Bone Dry Roofing at 1-855-BONEDRY.

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