Roofing Repair Companies in Charleston | What Does a Roofing Warranty Usually Cover?

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Roofing Repair Companies in Charleston | What Does a Roofing Warranty Usually Cover?


Getting a new roof is super excited, and when you find out that it’s got a thirty-year warranty, you might think the work is done. However, roofing maintenance and inspections will still need to be completed and not doing these things can sometimes void your warranty altogether. This is why it is essential to go over your warranty with the roofing repair companies in Charleston, that replaced your roof.

Roof warranties, just like most warranties, are not meant for protecting the homeowner as much as they are intended to protect the manufacturer who wants to protect their liability. Make sure to ask for a paper copy of the warranty so you can read the details and ask questions to the roofing contractor.

Contractor Warranty vs. Manufacturer Warranty

Some roofing repair companies in Charleston offer their warranties, or extended warranties, in addition to the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Manufacturer warranties are generally only applicable to manufacturing defects in the materials while contractor warranties cover the quality of the roof, but not the contents.

Full System Warranty

Whenever possible, you should request a full system warranty from the roofing repairs companies in Charleston. These warranties cover flashings, accessories, and metal materials and will also include labor, leak repairs, and more.

What’s Covered Under Warranty?

Some of the basics that most full system warranties will include are:

  • Roof leaks not caused by fire, lightning, high wind, hail, or other natural disasters, misuse, vandalism or loss of integrity
  • Add on warranties such as puncture repair, hail, hurricane, and high wind damage guarantees

What is Usually Not Covered?

Some of the most common reasons why roofing repair companies in Charleston are called are for issues not covered under roof warranties including:

  • Standing water
  • Interior damages
  • Acts of Nature
  • Existing Moisture
  • Improper repair or maintenance
  • Unauthorized alternations
  • Unauthorized repairs
  • Replacement of the entire roof system

Work with your roofing warranty company to find out who their preferred roofing repair companies in Charleston are. If your warranty doesn’t cover the needed repairs, call Bone Dry Roofing 1-855-Bonedry for an estimate today!


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