Roofing Repair Companies Charleston SC | Watch Out for These Common Flat Roof Problems

 Roofing Repair Companies Charleston SC      

Roofing Repair Companies Charleston SC | Watch Out for These Common Flat Roof Problems


Roofing Repair Companies Charleston SC | Business and homeowners love flat roofs because they are cost-effective, easy to install, and can be incredibly energy efficient; however, even flat roofs need maintenance and have their fair share of problems that roofing repair companies in Charleston can help you with. There are a few common problems for flat roofs that you need to be aware of that are different from traditional pitched, shingled roofs. 

  1. Ponding Water- Flat roofs aren’t completely flat. There is a slight slope for water drainage however if a flat roof suffers any damage that can impact that slope or ice dams are forming on the roof, water can pool and lead to systemic leaks inside the home. These leaks can lead to mold and algae growth and can even damage the timbers and structural components of your roof. 
  2. Blocked Drainage- There’s a bigger chance with flat roofs that debris will block your gutter or drainage systems. There isn’t a slope that gravity can work with to make branches or leaves fall off, which means you’ll have to inspect your flat roof for debris after storms. 
  3. Cracking and Bubbling- Severe heat and long-term sun exposure can lead to cracking and bubbling of the roofing system. 
  4. Roof Membrane Buckling- A flat roof generally has a membrane between the home and the roof that is one continuous sheet. If the home shifts and settles over time, or the membrane is not installed correctly, it can cause the roof to begin buckling. When this happens, your roof will need to be replaced. 
  5. Wind and Hurricane Damage- When a few shingles fall off an asphalt roof its no big deal for roofing repair companies in Charleston to come out and fix the damage after wind or hurricane damage. Flat roofs aren’t so lucky when it comes to wind damage. Your flat roof is one big sheet of material and large, repeated gusts of wind can peel the entire roof off and cause it to fail. 

If you’re noticing any of these problems with your flat roof, don’t bother calling all the roofing repair companies in Charleston. Just give Bonedry Roofing a call at 1-855-BONEDRY. 


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