Roofing Repair Companies Charleston | Trending Rooftops for 2019

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Roofing Repair Companies Charleston | Trending Rooftops for 2019

Roofing Repair Companies Charleston | Are you pulling into your driveway, looking at your roof, and knowing that you need to call roofing repair companies in Charleston to do something about your missing shingles or hail damaged metal roofing, but haven’t been able to commit? Replacing your roof is a big deal and can be one of the costlier home repairs, but it’s a necessary part of home ownership that also adds a lot of value, and character to your property. Homeowners looking to attract buyers or want to refresh the look of their home should consider these trending rooftops of 2019.

Metal Roofs- If you are working on a budget, you’ll be thrilled to know that metal roofs can mimic more expensive materials like slate or tile, at a fraction of the cost. Metal roofs also have a natural ability to reflect the heat from the sun, which can keep your home cooler. Metal roofing is perfect for hot and coastal climates where heavy rain is frequent. The standing seam style roof has raised seams that allow for water to be shed quickly.

Asphalt- You’ve seen asphalt roofs your entire life. Asphalt is the most common type of roofing, so you might wonder what can be new or trendy about shingled roofs, right? Many materials makers are designing asphalt shingles that are high above the quality of traditional asphalt. Shingles are being developed that are better at withstanding extreme weather like hurricanes or tornado winds. Architectural asphalt shingles are also great for adding personality and texture to your roof by mimicking slate or shake because they are three dimensional.

Composite- Synthetic shingles, called composite shingles, resemble wood shake and are a great compromise between asphalt and slate or shake, without having to spend your budget on the higher end materials. Composite roofing can also outlive shake or slate by three times the lifespan. These shingles are polymer-based, which means they are also perfect for eco-friendly homeowners that need roofing repair companies in Charleston to help upgrade their home to a more environmentally friendly design.

Roofing designs and trends change all the time. The best way to know which roof type is perfect for your home is by consulting with roofing repair companies in Charleston. Start with Bone Dry Roofing by calling 1-855-BONEDRY.

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