Six Tips for Selecting Your Roof’s Color Palette


A quality roof elevates the look of your home or business. Whether a roof of historic clay tiles in a revival style, stunning copper, sturdy aluminum, durable membrane, standard shingles or anything in between, the finished project should reflect your style and project a positive image. With a sea of roofing options, what is the best way to land on a color palette you’ll love? In today’s post, we’re sharing a few ideas to spark your creativity and advance you towards making a decision.


  1. Find Local Inspiration in Similar Projects
    One of our favorite ways to nail down color selections is to hop in the car and search for inspiration. For home roofing, exploring neighborhoods and snapping a photo or making notes about favorite color combos is a great start. The same can work for commercial projects; you may find your eyes tune into roofing styles, colors and materials in a way they didn’t before.


  1. Take Your Search Online
    Whether Pinterest or Google Images, search for and save roofing projects that catch your attention. Your search might start with something as simple as “shingle roofing color ideas” before you refine to specific groups of color. You may be delighted to come across additional roofing inspiration for your home or business, including customizations that will set your project apart.


  1. Browse Available Portfolios
    Check out the company website for a portfolio of roofing work. Ideally, you can sort by roofing type, which is the case with Bone Dry (Commercial, Liquid Applied Roof Systems/Waterproofing, Metal, Residential Shingles, Tile, Slate and Specialty). Not only will this give you a better idea of the quality of work your roofing team offers, but you’ll be able to reference projects that they are familiar with. 


  1. Visit the Manufacturer’s Website
    Go straight to the source. For example, the Owens Corning website features their design and inspire style boards. You’ll find expert advice on color from HGTV’s “Good Bones” hosts Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak as well as designer Chad Esslinger. Two additional resources within this section of their website include their Roofing Color Compass™ Color Personality Quiz and their Design EyeQ® Visualization Tool. Being able to work with a photo of your home as you “try on” different roofing colors is a powerful exercise.


  1. Search for Articles from the Experts
    Turn to your favorite design resources for guidance, including blog posts and magazine articles. Learning more about what goes into making color selections will help you better define your vision for the finished project. If you prefer something tangible, clip photos from magazines and jot down what you like most about the colors you see.


  1. Ask Your Roofing Team for Recommendations
    Utilize the experience of your roofing team by asking for their professional opinion. They’ve been involved in countless projects and may have ideas to share about color that you haven’t otherwise considered.


Make sure you partner with the best roofing company in your area. Bone Dry Roofing, locally owned and operated in Charleston, SC, Bone Dry Roofing, locally owned and operated in St. Simons, Bone Dry Roofing, locally owned and operated in Athens, GA. You can contact us today to talk about roofing color options at 1-855-BONEDRY.

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