Is a Slate Roof Right for You? History and Benefits

 Slate roof history and benefits      

Natural stone offers stunning depth and dimension thanks to variances in hues and texture, whether ever so subtle or a much more notable contrast. Slate comes from nature, which is an endless source of beauty and inspiration. When slate roofing is a viable choice, the results are striking from afar and even more fascinating in-person. The National Park Service (NPS) describes slate’s allure: “It is indicative at once of the awesome powers of nature which have formed it and the expertise and skill of the craftsman in hand shaping and laying it on the roof.”


The Bone Dry Roofing team is experienced in specialty roofing, from slate to tile, copper to concrete and more. Explore our services and let us know how we can help. In today’s post, we’re taking a closer look at five benefits of slate roofing.

A Rich History
The National Park Service describes slate as “a fine grained, crystalline rock derived from sediments of clay and fine silt which were deposited on ancient sea bottoms.” HGTV covers the history of slate roofing: “Authentic slate shingles have been the roofing material of choice for centuries throughout Europe and the United States for estate homes, libraries and cathedrals.” NPS reports “archaeological excavations at Jamestown, Virginia have unearthed roofing slate in strata dating from 1625-1650 and 1640-1670. Slate roofs were introduced in Boston as early as 1654 and Philadelphia in 1699.” Regarding slate roofing manufacturing today, NPS reports “tiles are still manufactured by hand using traditional methods in a five step process: cutting, sculpting,  splitting, trimming, and hole punching.”

1. Eco-Friendly Factor describes slate roofing as “the ultimate eco-friendly, durable, and beautiful roofing material.” Not only will it last much longer than its shingle counterparts, but slate is recyclable, reducing your environmental footprint. Additionally, the production process doesn’t involve petroleum or chemical additives.

2. A Lifetime of Enjoyment
When expertly installed and properly maintained, expect your slate roof to last a lifetime. HomeAdvisor covers some of the many benefits of slate, saying they “can and should be routinely built to last at least a century.” A large factor in the longevity of your slate roof is proper installation. The Bone Dry team has been servicing the Southeast since 2003; we invite you to learn more about our team’s credentials.

3. Low Maintenance

As a natural stone, you can expect protection from the elements as well at heat and cold. describes slate as being “naturally resistant to water damage, temperature fluctuations, mildew, and bad weather.”

4. Fire Resistance
In a recent article about fire resistant roofing, This Old House describes slate as “nearly indestructible,” with its Class A fire rating. You can learn more about this fire rating in the Slate Fire Resistance Test Report from the National Slate Association and the National Roofing Contractors Association.

5. Resale Value
Though you may not always get a full return on your roofing investment, Zillow reports “a new roof can make you more likely to get full asking price, lower time on market and smoother negotiations.”

When to Pass on Slate
Slate is a heavier roofing material, and your structure will need to withstand the extra weight. HomeAdvisor writes: “The weight of slate roofing tile is anywhere between 800 and 1,500 pounds per square (100 square feet). As such, you’ll need to have your residence evaluated from a structural standpoint before you install slate roofing tile on your home to make sure it can take the weight.” From a budget standpoint, if you are not planning to stay in your home for the long-term, the initial expense of slate may not make sense.


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