Preparing Your Roof: Why Your Roof Should Top Your Spring Cleaning Checklist


We have had days of extreme cold, days when we wondered what mother nature was doing (snow one day, seventy-degree weather the next!), and the holidays have come and gone. All accounting for a beautiful, southeastern United States winter!

With the end of Winter in near sight, many households across the country will begin the process of spring cleaning. For some, they will dust the baseboards. Others will clean out the garage or go through their closet to get rid of all those fashion items that were so last season.

There is one item that should be on your pre-spring cleaning checklist that may have never crossed your mind: Your Roof!

Winter Roofing Troubles

The winter months- full of cold winds, snowfall, ice, and the occasional falling tree limb- can be detrimental to the roofing of personal and commercial properties. Before we go any further, here is a list of some of the common ways that winter can work a number on your roof and what you should be on the lookout for next Fall:

Ice Dams and Icicles

When we heat our houses, unbeknownst to us, we are warming the roof overhead, melting ice and snow that may have formed. This water will then seep down to the edge of the roof, at which point it refreezes as ice when it interacts with the cold air temperatures.

This allows the melted snow and ice to seep under the shingles or other forms of roofing, causing major water damage.

Condensation in Your Attic

When the roof is experiencing ice, snow, and cold temperatures, the attic can often become infused with moisture and condensation. This can lead to roof problems such as rotting wood and the formation of mold.

Forceful Winds

Often, with the combination of cold fronts and storms, winter will bring with it heavy winds. Naturally, these high winds can damage and loosen shingles. It is important to keep a check on your roof and the ground surrounding it year-round to be on the lookout for warning signs.

Falling Tree Limbs

With the forceful winds comes the inevitable breaking of tree limbs. When ice or snow accumulate on tree branches, they too can cause the tree to finally give in and break. From scraping the roof to falling, trees can cause devastating damage to home and commercial roofing.

Spring Cleaning Item 1: Your Roof

Now that we have examined how the winter season can be rather problematic for our homes, let’s look at the ways we can make our roof a priority as we prepare our spring cleaning checklists! After all, spring is the perfect time to examine and improve your roof before the heat of summer!

Inspect and Clean Gutters

As mentioned earlier, gutters can become easily clogged with debris after snow and ice melts and after a storm. When gutters are forced to overflow due to blockage, this water can cause extreme damage not only to the roof, but to your walls, interior, and the foundation of your home or business.

This is also a good time to make sure your gutters are in good condition, still working properly, and are still in fact attached to your roof.

Check Your Attic

To be sure that your roof did not encounter damage that would lead to a roof leak, be sure to venture up into your attic to check for signs of water damage. If there appears to be any warning signs or problem areas, contact a roofing expert immediately.

Trim The Trees

There is a very simple solution to this problem. Most experts agree that it is a safe move to trim all tree branches within eight feet of your home or business.

Inspect and Clean Your Roof

Finally, it is time to inspect your roof. Your roof may be covered in debris, making it hard to diagnose problems.

Start by cleaning your roof, removing all that is obstructing your clear view of the surface. Once the cleaning is complete, check the roof for damaged shingles, areas of depression and sagging, and for mold and fungus.

Problems? Call a Professional!

If during your spring cleaning roof inspection, you happen upon a problem area or have a concern, the best thing to do is call a trusted roofing professional who can address and fix the problem while preventing future problems from occurring.

Here at Bone Dry, we are the Southeastern United State’s premier roofing company with experience you can trust and will help you kiss winter goodbye, complete your spring cleaning list, and have your home ready for summer!

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