What You Should Know About Gutter Replacement Before Spring Arrives


With winter nearly in our rear-view mirror and spring on its way, inspecting your roof and all its components are an important part of spring cleaning. One specific area of concern is your home’s gutter system.

Gutters are play a vital role in the car of your home. They guide water away from your home’s exterior walls, doors, window seals, and foundation, keeping your house bone dry inside!

Some people are unaware of just how important gutter maintenance throughout the year is; specifically, after winter. During the cold months, snow, ice, and the water that results from melting can cause ice dams and icicles to form off your gutters, trapping degree and damaging your gutter system.

Are you worried that your gutter system may have been damaged this winter season? It is important to make sure they are well maintained, repaired, and ready for the April showers that will soon be on their way.

Why Gutters are Important

  • Protect your home from rain damage.
  • Prevent foundation damage or cracking.
  • Reduces likelihood of flooding underneath the structure.
  • Prevents damage to exterior walls or siding

5 Signs Your Gutters Encountered Damage

Cracks- Though some may seem minute, even the smallest of cracks can indicate the biggest of problems to come. If you don’t address this problem, water will continue to damage your gutters and can even damage the shingles above the gutter.

Paint Fading or Rusting– Gutters are usually painted and made to withstand many different types of weather conditions. If your system is new and you are already experiencing flaky paint or orange specks that are indicative of rust, there may be a problem.

Mildew– If you notice mildew near the foundation of your home, this may be a sign your gutters are ineffective and could lead to costly repairs. Gutters are designed to keep water away from your foundation and home.

Damage beneath gutters– If you find water damage anywhere around your gutter system or in the foundation or walls of your home, this can signal major problems

Gutters are Separating from the House– the easiest way for a homeowner to tell their gutter system is damaged is to check and see if the gutters are still attached to the home. If they are starting to pull away or sag, this means the gutters are not draining properly, are blocked, or need a major repair.

Need A Replacement? Remember These Three Things!

Have you inspected your gutter system and noticed one of the flaws mentioned above? If so, it may be time to contact a roofing specialist to see if your gutter system needs a small repair or a complete overhaul. Here’s a look at some of the things you should keep in mind and require as you search for a gutter replacement provider

Quality Materials– The key to having and maintaining an effective, long-lasting gutter system is to ensure you are using quality materials. Be sure that your roofing expert is up to date on the latest, most effective gutter solutions. This is why choosing a professional who has access to premium products is very important

Maintenance– It is also important for you to keep in mind that routine, regular maintenance is key to the survival of your gutter system. Choosing a gutter replacement service that will also provide maintenance if problems arise should be of utmost importance to you.

Reputation– Whether you want to see client testimonials or references, the company you choose to complete your roofing job should have no problem providing such material. If they cannot or say they do not have any, your best bet is to look elsewhere.

Bone Dry roofing is committed to providing quality roofs built to last with top of the line, certified materials. As part of your next roofing project, let us help you decide if your gutter system needs a replacement. We have the team- and the connections- to get your gutter system back to it’s best condition, to protect you and your home.

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