David Bassant

Commercial Project Manager
Athens, GA

David Bassant brings a unique blend of experience and expertise to the team as our Athens Commercial Project Manager. From the island of Jamaica, David brings over half a decade of service as a Detective in The Jamaica Constabulary Force, where he honed his skills in problem-solving and attention to detail, traits that have served him well in his roofing career.

David’s roofing journey began nearly a decade ago when he moved to the United States. He started his career from the ground up, quite literally, working around dumpsters. Over time, his dedication and commitment led him to become a lead roofing technician with a roofing company, specializing in shingles, torching, and hot mopping.

Continuing to climb the ranks, David joined Centimark Corporation as a commercial roofing foreman and Technical Representative/Roofing inspector in Florida. Remarkably, within six months, he earned a promotion to Service Sales Manager, where he managed all of North Georgia. In this role, he crafted scopes of work and successfully sold numerous service projects.

As a Project Manager, David’s role centers around being a specialist in problem-solving, a role he relishes. He particularly enjoys the opportunity to meet and collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds and industries, a facet of his work that he deeply values.

Beyond the world of roofing, David is a master on the grill, known for his delectable jerk chicken and jerk pork creations. He has a passion for health and fitness, exemplified by his weekly hikes at Stone Mountain Park.

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