Evan Rivers

Commercial Operations Manager
Charleston, SC

Evan serves as our esteemed Operations Manager, at our Charleston location. With an extensive background as a Superintendent and Project Manager in the roofing industry, Evan brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team.

What Evan loves most about his work is that roofing is truly a team sport. Every aspect requires a collaborative effort from Salesman to Estimator, pre-construction to Operations, and finally, out in the field. Evan finds joy in the intricate specifications needed to install every square inch of a roof, a skill that often goes unnoticed but remains crucial to a successful project. As he puts it, being the most needed-unneeded trade on every job site is an undeniable testament to the importance of his role (and if you know, you know). With a specialization in large-scope operations within commercial roofing, Evan’s proficiency shines through in every project he undertakes.

Outside of work, he has a completely different passion. Evan is an avid hound dog owner and enthusiast, reveling in the thrill of hunting, particularly deer, fox, and coyote, with a slight penchant for raccoons.
When he’s not out in the wild, Evan finds joy in spending quality time with his girlfriend, two furry children, and his beloved family. He also has an ear for live music, especially when it comes to WSMFP (again, if you know, you know). In a surprising twist, Evan divulges that he has a soft spot for TV shows, with “Original Gossip Girl” and “the OC” being two of his all-time favorites.

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