Joshua Holloway

Commercial Project Engineer
Athens, GA

Throughout his time at Bone Dry Roofing, Josh has worked from the ground up in all aspects of commercial roofing, from general labor to project management. He efficiently acknowledges all functions that make a construction company run smoothly since having held a position within nearly all aspects of a roofing project. This insight has allowed him to better understand all the steps needed to make a project succeed, and he thoroughly enjoys his new role as a project engineer. In his new role, he now understands the form and function that makes up the application of the roofing systems we install. Josh lives with the philosophy that there is no true completion to your education in life and hopes to continue to expand his knowledge within both the commercial roofing industry and the construction industry for many years to come!

Outside of work, Josh enjoys spending time in nature with friends hiking, running, camping and exploring. He also enjoys reading and researching topics that include nutrition, geography, and culture.

Fun Fact…Josh ran 100 kilometers (62 miles) within 24 hours across the Western North Carolina mountains.

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