Mike Aranda

Residential Department Manager
Charleston, SC

Mike entered the construction world at 15 years of age in Chicago’s Commercial industry. From airports to mountain-side homes in California, his building experience has taken him to some unique places, ultimately giving him the vast exposure to multiple materials and building practices. Mike started roofing at age 18, which carried on for 20+ years. From Mom and Pop, to big city corporate, he’s been able to be a part of some incredible projects throughout his lifetime. Mike has a deep passion for continuing knowledge and educating others from his experience. Helping others believe in the benefits of quality workmanship is something he tries to implement on a daily basis. Mike is married with 3 kids which is what wakes him up every day. His wife and he are in a constant rat race of sports and school with the kids, but they wouldn’t trade it for anything. When his family finally gets that break to relax, early mornings with lines in the water or toes in the sand, is where they prefer to be.

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