Nick Patterson

Commercial Sheet Metal Superintendent
Athens, GA

Nick Patterson is the Commercial Sheet Metal Superintendent at Bone Dry Roofing in Athens, GA. With expertise in Metal/Fabrication applications, Nick plays a crucial role in creating high-quality products that can be appreciated by all. His dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail make him an invaluable member of the team.

Outside of work, Nick’s interests and hobbies revolve around fitness, spending quality time with his family and friends, fishing and hunting.

One interesting fact about Nick is his passion for rock climbing. He thrives on the challenge and adrenaline rush that comes with conquering new heights. Additionally, Nick’s adventurous spirit extends to his personal life, as he has built his very own Harley motorcycle, showcasing his skills and creativity.

With his expertise, passion for quality work, and diverse interests, Nick brings a unique perspective to his role at Bone Dry Roofing, making a significant contribution to the success of the company and the satisfaction of its customers.

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