Stacey Stimpson

Commercial Administrative Manager
Charleston, SC

Stacey was intentionally recruited to the Bone Dry Roofing Company team based on her extensive customer service and management background over the last 12 plus years. Stacey is a perfect fit as the Commercial Administrative Manager in our Charleston office and is instrumental in building relationships and pursuing roofing opportunities with the General Contractors and owners that we are proud to partner with. Her developed skill sets allow her to be able to provide an additional level of customer service, communication, and detailed organization that Bone Dry Roofing Company understands that our customers deserve and need, while allowing our commercial estimators and project managers to focus on providing a superior roof system. Stacey graduated from Arizona State University where she earned a degree in Communications and studied Sports Medicine Training. Bone Dry Roofing Company is also honored to have added an additional military family as part of our team, as her husband is a former Ranger, with whom she is raising two children, son Landen and daughter Jayden.

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