Vern McQueen

Steep Slope Superintendent & Metal Shop Manager
Charleston, SC

Vern brings more than 25 years of management skills to Bone Dry Roofing as Steep Slope Superintendent/Metal shop Manager. Before working in a variety of rolls within outdoor advertising, including owning his own business, Vern served in the United States Air Force for 11 years as a combat photographer. In an interesting turn of events Vern began his career in construction management when his, now grown, children expressed a desire to go on construction oriented mission trips. These initiatives sought to serve low-income families and the elderly who could not afford new roofs. This shift resulted in years of construction service that took Vern across the U.S. during summer breaks. Vern went on to work for several high-end roofing companies and now has over eighteen years of roofing-specific construction management skills. Vern’s compassion for others and desire to serve allows him to guide others effectively and inspire them to do great work.

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