The Bone Dry Roofing Company Way


Recently, our blog posts have covered all the types of roofing solutions offered at Bone Dry. We sought to inform and educate about the specific details, benefits and appeal of each roofing material. However, with this post, we want to educate in a different way. At Bone Dry, what we do is important; but it’s who we are that truly sets us apart. Read on to learn about the Bone Dry culture, and the core values that lead us in all that we do.


Our team is experienced in a wide variety of roofing solutions. Our installers have been trained and tested through rigorous instruction to ensure the best roof is delivered to our customers each and every time. That technical expertise, partnered with our culture led by our core values, creates the Bone Dry difference and enhances our roofing offerings and our customer experience.


Our core values apply to our entire business model. They lead us in our hiring process, our training, our work, and our service to our community. Each and every member of our team, in the office and in the field, possess and continue to grow in these values daily.




Be Present:

Presence is required when in action. We believe in providing our undivided attention to the people who rely on us daily. In our conversations with one another and our customers, our dedication to the task at hand, to our visibility and service within our communities, being present in all we do is core to who we are.


Be Consistent:

We know consistency is hard to come by. We all have outside influences that can alter our behavior if we let it. At Bone Dry, we seek to practice consistency in all we do. Day after day, we hope to provide the best version of ourselves for our customers. We deliver what we promise, we are honest and we are transparent. You can be confident with every interaction with our team you’ll get the same high level of professionalism and excellence.


Do What You Say:

Our greatest asset to our customers is our word. We are reliable and take responsibility for all we say and the work we provide. We also understand the power of “no.” We are roofing experts, and while we are not trained masons, carpenters, or HVAC technicians, we will always help you find the right professional for your non-roofing solutions. Using our network of trusted community partners, we can walk alongside you to ensure that work is done right, and by trained professionals.


Be Results Focused:

We believe in finishing the task 100%. We believe in doing it right, every time. To us, 99.9% isn’t complete. We have not finished the drill at 99.9%. Our customers deserve 100% from us with each interaction.


Have Integrity:

This one value contains each of the values above. Integrity is our most valued employee trait. Bone Dry representatives are people you can trust your children with. We are people that do the right thing when no one else is watching. We live by the mantra “who are you, knowing God is watching?”




These core values help provide the best experience for our customers. The culture of our organization has led to incredible roofing solutions, installed by some of the most stand-up citizens within our great nation. Our representatives love what they do each day. We tackle each solution, head-on with an incredible team behind us, to deliver the best product every time.


When hiring for your next roofing project, put your trust in the best roofing company: Bone Dry Roofing, locally owned and operated in Athens, Charleston, and St. Simons. Contact us today at 1-855-BONEDRY for all your roofing needs.

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