Three Stunning Residential Roofing Projects in Saint Simons – New Construction!

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It’s always a treat when we get to work with customers literally from the ground up.

When we install roofing systems on new construction, that means we’ve had a chance to consult with the owners, architects, construction contractors, and everyone in between to ensure that the materials selected and the design requirements will result in a roof that looks great and stands the test of time.

Of course, when we install a new roof on an existing home, our HAAG certified roofing inspectors and highly-trained associates make sure we live up to our award-winning reputation for perfection.

New Construction with Roofing in Mind

New construction, however, provides an exciting opportunity to blend customer needs with a combination of materials and techniques that take into account geography, climate, and usage of a building more than is sometimes possible on an existing roof.

In many cases, this involves our helping customers and architects make decisions about which sort of roofing system to install. This allows design and construction to incorporate the needs of a roof, not treat its installation as an afterthought.

For example, you don’t want to end up as the proud owner of a metal roof that will completely rust through in a matter of a few years because of salt in the air (as would be the case in coastal areas). You also don’t want to end up using ill-advised materials or building in a way that promotes leaks, like incorporating low sloping roofs or not properly accounting for water runoff.

Your Trusted Partner in the Roofing Industry

These kinds of issues can quickly lead to leaks and the problems only get worse from there. Fortunately, when you work with Bone Dry Roofing on any project—new or existing—customers get all the benefits of our President’s Club Status with GAF and Master Elite certification. Large or small, new or old, we’ve got you covered!

Seeing is Believing

But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself!

We recently completed roof installations on three new residential homes in Saint Simons. A number of roofing systems and materials were involved, and the results are stunning!

Ludowici Tile in Frederica Township Lake, North End, Saint Simons, GA

Project Details

Cap and Pan in Saint Simons, GA

Project Details

Camino Blend, Cap and Pan, Copper in Saint Simons, GA

Project Details

New Year, New Roof?

Bone Dry Roofing would be proud to serve your roofing needs in 2019 and beyond. Remember, not all roofing proposals or roof installers are created equal, so if you’d like help picking the right roofer for you and making sure the materials AND workmanship are warrantied, please just let us know!

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