Is a Tile Roof Right for You? Five Benefits to Explore

 Tile roof benefits      

Gorgeous Spanish and Mediterranean style roofs may conjure up a host of beautiful images and memories in your mind. Perhaps you can recall their architecture from an overseas trip, or maybe you first came across their design as the backdrop to a movie or painting. As you embark on your dream home project or business renovation, tile roofs once again come into the picture, with their rich hues and meticulous craftsmanship that stands above the rest. In today’s post, we’re covering whether a tile roof may be right for you and your design vision. Let’s jump in and explore five potential benefits of tile roofs.

Your Budget Includes a Long-Term Focus
At Bone Dry Roofing Company, we offer roofing options to suit a variety of needs, priorities and budgets. We take the time to listen to all aspects of your goals before making a recommendation. While tile roofs require more investment up-front, the savings come into play over time. Many clay roofs last a lifetime (source: Study of Life Expectancy of Home Components), compared to the 20 years projected for asphalt shingle roofs. There is also the time and hassle of tackling roof replacement, which you’ll likely forgo with tile. Additionally, the Tile Roofing Industry Alliance highlights the potential resale value of a home with a tile roof: “When a building owner invests in a properly installed tile roof, it’s the last roof they’ll ever need to buy – a huge plus when it comes to resale value.”

Sustainability Tops Your List
We recently published a blog about sustainable roofing options that may be of interest, where we highlighted tile roofing as a sustainable choice. Clay as a roofing material has minimal environmental impact and doesn’t use fossil fuels or mined materials in its production (another sustainable roofing option that’s covered in the post: wood shakes and shingles). One more benefit is the recyclability of production waste.

Tile Is Your Dream Design Material
Many of our clients share with us that they’ve had a long-term dream of a tile roof. We love being a part of bringing that vision to life and know that the quality of our tile will exceed their wishes (thanks to our manufacturers). Our experienced team works with tile, slate and specialty products. We understand the requirements of working with specialty materials and will ensure your project is a success.

You Live in a Severe Weather Prone Area
If severe weather or hurricane winds are prone to affect your region, tile roofing emerges as a strong contender. Home Advisor states tile roofs “resist damage caused by hurricanes, earthquakes, and other weather extremes better than most other options.”

Energy Efficiency Is a Priority
Due to its natural insulating properties, homes with tile roofs are often cooler in the summer and cozier when temperatures drop. The Tile Roofing Industry Alliance reports that “natural air ventilation under the tiles creates a heat transfer barrier that can help cool a house in summer and warm it in winter, lowering energy costs by as much as 20%.”


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